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Aimee Domash

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Salmon Rock Studio

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Custom silver and gold jewelry

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About Our Art

The Statement:

As they say…” It is the journey, not the destination.”  The deeper I go into the learning process, the more there is to learn.  It is a never ending journey.

The color and forming techniques have consumed most of my attention lately.

The Process:

To eliminate as much metal waste as possible I try and always construct a model of my design.  Working with a 3-D form allows me to experiment with many ideas and also creates instant feed back.  After I have the piece thoroughly designed I then move forward to create the idea in either gold, sterling, or fine silver.

My work is not set in stone (no pun intended).  I tweak the design as needed to create the look and feel I want.  I enhance my work with unusual gemstones, inlaid enamel, hand dyed resin, or pearls as I see fit…or sometimes just let the metal speak for itself.  There is also an old Korean metalsmithing technique called Keum-boo, that fuses 24 K gold to silver.  When Keum-boo is combined with a blue patina the metal seems to take on a life of it’s own.  Whether the process is complex or simple, it is always exhilarating for me to see the end result of my efforts.


I received my BS in Health Information Management from St. Louis University.  I took a few art classes in college however, it was not until after I graduated that my interest in metal became a focal point.  I slowly began taking metalsmithing classes as they would fit into my life.  I have taken numerous classes and workshops all over the US, from well known metalsmiths and authors, which include, Andy Cooperman, Noel Leicht, CeCe Wire, Dan Haga, Adam Foster, and Trish McAleer.

Professional Memberships:

  • Juried -in member of The Best of Missouri Hands
  • Society of North America Goldsmiths – SNAG
  • Society of Midwest Silversmiths – SMM
  • The Enamelist Society

Salmon Rock Studio

Aimee Domash

10425 Old Olive Street Rd. Suite 100

St. Louis, MO 63141


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Aimee Domash
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