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Juried Artist/Studio:

Allison Norfleet Bruenger

Business Name:

Allison L. Norfleet Bruenger Collections

Short Description:

Mixed Media Jewelry and Fine Craft Artist

Awards and Honors

Celebrate Wildwood 2018 – 3rd Place Award
Edwardsville Art Fair 2018– Electric Award
Queen Fall Art Fair 2018– Award of Excellence in 3D


Edwardsville Art Fair 2017 – Ed & Barbara Hightower Award
Wine and Artfest 2017 – Best in 3D

Queeny Fall Art Fair 2016 – Best in Show – 3D
Celebrate Wildwood 2016 – Second Place Award
Rise Up Festival 2016– Best in Show
Edwardsville Art Fair 2015– Merit Award
Queeny Fall Art Fair 2015 – Award of Merit
Sugar Creek Arts Festival 2015 – 1st Place, Fine Crafts
Midsummer Art Fair 2015 – 3rd Place-Young Artists Award
The Blooming Artists Project 2014-17 – Master Artist Award Award
Edwardville Art Fair 2014 – Center Award
Mosaics Art Fair  2014 – Award of Recognition
Queeny Fall Art Fair 2014 –  ArtMart St. Louis Award
Hannabil Art Fair  2013 – 1st Place, 3D
Midsummer Art Faire 2103 –  Merit Award
Washington Wine and Artfest 2013 – Best of Show
Artfest on Historical Walnut Street 2013 – Award of Excellence
Mosaics Art Fair  2012 – Award of Recognition
Queeny Fall Art Fair 2012 – Award of Mastery – 3D
Midsummer Art Faire 2102 – Merit Award
Washington Wine and Artfest 2012 – Best New Artist




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About Our Art

Creativity is something that can stir the soul. My goal is to create truly distinctive one of a kind designs that lift the spirit and inspire the soul. I have a love for many mediums within the arts. From metalsmithing to ceramics, from graphic design to fiber design. They all intrigue me and that’s why I am a mixed media jewelry artist. All of these mediums are great on their own but together they open a whole new world to create items that is truly “Wearable Art.”

One of my main focuses in creating my lines of jewelry was to find a way to combine my 2 dimension images with my love for jewelry design. I enjoy combining my drawings, watercolors paintings, collages and photography with my distinct style of fretwork, wire wrapping, forging and texture within my metal work.

My subject matter mainly involves nature, abstracts, and the beauty of the female image. In society today so many of the images of women are many times negative and degrading. That is why I try to show through my art just how beautiful women are. The beauty of women, colorful abstracts and the beauty of “Nature” gives me a voice and this is the vision I want to share with everyone. These concepts are my true inspirations.

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Allison L Norfleet Bruenger Collections



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Allison Norfleet Bruenger
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