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The year of 1994 found us in Iowa visiting friends and relatives. While at my sister’s, I noticed a lot of neat baskets. We were chatting and she said she had been taking weaving classes for a couple of years. I was very interested, as when my husband retired I gave up a career as a cosmetologist/instructor. Needing a creative outlet, I asked her to show me how to make a basket. We spent the day together weaving, and I made a rather ugly basket. But I knew I had found a passion. I came home with an ugly basket, a basket kit with a pattern and a phone number to order books and materials. The rest is history!!

I ordered a book and a small amount of material. Reading and studying, I taught myself to weave basic baskets. Soon I was hungry for more and was looking for classes, joining the Mo. Basket Weavers Guild, and going to conventions.

I learned the feather overlay at a convention class, and it was easy to take basic patterns and make them double wall so I could incorporate the feather overlay. Many of my baskets are from basic patterns that i change to make them my own creations. Just as many are my own creative originals. Because all are shaped free hand, it is difficult to make two alike.

Recently I became a juried member of BOMH. I attended the March 06 conference and found it quite exciting and educational.

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