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Bari Precious

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Precious Pots LLC

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Hand throw & hand made colorful, alive stoneware for function & fun

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About Our Art

have been playing with clay for over 40 years and the substance has never lost its charm. I throw, bend, fold, stretch and push clay in many directions. Presently I am enthralled with aboriginal patterns in black and tan on fun and functional ware. I spend all my days and nights in my rural studio drinking tea and playing with stoneware clay. I fire in an electric kiln and make my own glazes. I love what I do. I have worked in clay as an archeologist in Iran, and as a student in China. My present business of Precious Pots keeps me busy and inspired to reach greater levels.

Precious Pots
Bari Precious

1497 West Big Timer Road
Marshfield, MO 65706
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Bari Precious
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