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Bill Decker

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Decker Fine Art Gourds

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Original mixed media fine art gourds

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Bill has always had an interest in both artistic creation and nature. Bill still lives on the farm in Greenwood, MO where he grew up. Bill and his wife, Donna, both love to kayak, bike, hike and spend time with their six grandchildren.

As a child, Bill began to develop his God given talents by taking art lessons from a neighbor and later obtained a Bachelors Degree in Art from Eastern Michigan University. While raising his family Bill used his artistic talents mostly as a hobby.

In 2005, Bill was exposed to “gourd art.” He bought his first raw gourd and wood burned his first design; he was hooked! He has discovered that the possibilities for being creative are limitless. Bill draws his designs free hand on the gourds and especially enjoys wood burning. He also uses dyes, acrylics, and pen and ink to obtain the look he wants for the finished product.

He entered his first competition with three gourds in the Missouri Gourd Show in 2006. 2006 brought him several honors in Georgia, Indiana and Texas.

Bill has had much success with his fine art gourds. He has sold gourds at Peter Engler Designs in Branson, MO. His award winning work can be seen in “The Gourd Magazine,” an official publication of the American Gourd Society (americangourdsociety.org). Some of the 2007 awards Bill has won are the Chairman’s Award for the Missouri Gourd Show, the Best of Show Award for the Georgia Gourd Show, and top honor in the Ohio Gourd Show by receiving The Stevens Family Award. At the Texas Gourd Show in October 2007, Bill was awarded Best of Show, People’s Choice and Artist of the Year for 2008 for his sculpture, “Raptor with Snake.”

Bill is currently on the Board of Directors for the Show-Me Gourd Society in the State of Missouri. This group sponsors many local and national artists at the Missouri Gourd Show in April of each year in Sedalia, MO. (showmegourdsociety.com)

Bill Decker 
26903 Herring Rd.
Greenwood, Missouri 64034

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Bill Decker - Gourd Art
Bill Decker - Gourd Art
Bill Decker - Gourd Art
Bill Decker - Gourd Art


Bill Decker
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