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I create jewelry using sterling silver and fine silver clay (PMC3). Most of my work is textured and usually contains a natural stone or fused glass cabochon. My sterling silver pieces tend to be simple in style, allowing the cabochon to be the star. Most of my fine silver pieces have sculptural elements from nature such as flowers and leaves that surround the cabochons, holding them in place.

My design process starts with the choosing of a cabochon. I then make a variety of drawings until I find a setting that I think enhances it. Thinking out the process comes next as I determine which techniques will be used and in what order they need to be done. If I’m working with sterling silver, I’ll decide what needs to be soldered or cold connected. Then, the fun begins as I etch, cut, saw, file, hammer, roll, and solder pieces together. The process ends with the finishing: sanding, polishing, and setting the stone.

When I’m working with fine silver clay, I also start with drawings. Then, I choose texture plates or actual flowers and leaves to press into the clay to make the bases for my pendants and rings. I truly enjoy modeling the clay to create petals, flowers, vines, and leaves which I use to secure my fused glass cabochons.

I have lived in southern Missouri all of my life. I grew up with a large creative family, learning to crochet, embroider, quilt, and sew at a young age. I taught art, English, and journalism since 1982 and have recently retired. I began attending jewelry workshops and making lampwork beads and jewelry in 2003. I have been selling my work online, at regional craft fairs, and on consignment since then.

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Carleen Johns

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My jewelry is made from sterling silver and fine silver. Pieces are often textured and feature Missouri drusy quartz, my husband’s stone cabochons, or my fused glass cabochons.

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