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Catherine DeLisle

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Quail Farm Pottery,LLC

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Clay sculptor, hand built and hand thrown

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About Our Art

My name is Cathey DeLisle and I was born in North Carolina.  My husband and our many dogs made the trek to Missouri several years ago and I set up shop in my very ‘rustic’ studio behind my house.

I have been drawn to the natural beauty of Missouri ever since my father and I traveled through here way back in the 70’s.  The landscape and wildlife here offer lots of inspiration.

My pottery is hand-thrown, hand-built and many times altered.  I am forever learning new techniques and my work is constantly changing and evolving.  I enjoy sculpting with clay even more. I am self taught and I think this has helped me to develope my own personal style. Experimenting with different colors and firing methods keeps the work very exciting. I am very fortunate because my pottery and sculptures have been received so well.

I do several art and craft shows in Missouri to exhibit and sell my work.


Quail Farm Pottery, LLC
Cathey DeLisle


Catherine DeLisle
Juried Member