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I remember my first art projects under the supervision of the Daughters of the Holy Ghost when crayons, scissors, and paper were my frequent companions. As soap sculpture, decoupage, and collages were added to my elementary StarFire Weavers - Celeste Prussiaeducation awareness, there wasn’t an art focus or class allowed me in high school. Fortunately, my professional work in environmental education brought me to a conference in 1988 where I was able to elect a workshop on basketry. It was love at first hand! After learning the basics and spending years exploring texture, color, and forms, I have settled on antler baskets as my preferred art form and specialty. Traditional baskets with equal value of function and feng shui provide me with additional interest.

After a 30-year hiatus from clay, I have recently reunited with this slippery medium and am exploring clay bodies, glazes, and firing in an avid search for the beauty united in Earth, water, and fire. Many thanks to the artful women who have provided my basic training and to those who have mentored me and found the time to share their love and passion for basketry and pottery.

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Celeste Prussia

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Basketry, primitives, pottery, and pioneer crafts; specializing in antler baskets

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