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Welcome to Evening Shade Farms. Our family has lived on this farm, located just south of where the Ozarks meet the plains, and have been making soap for more than 30 years. We have been good stewards to this land and are deeply committed to sound environmental practices – for we know nature provides all and holds many answers to healing. Our sole purpose is to provide body care products that truly nourish your skin. We do not use parabens, emulsifiers, stabilizers, and other additives so commonly found in body products — often harmful and encouraging skin problems. We formulate and make all of our products; nothing is farmed out. Commercial products are never repackaged with our label affixed. Our products literally start from the ground up — handmade, hand cleaned, hand packaged — all right here on the farm.


Our soap are made in small quantities using an open kettle process. This takes time, but is the only way to have a truly natural soap. We use only the finest ingredients, most of which are cultivated on our organic, sustainable farm. No synthetic melting agents are added to our soaps which are aged a minimum of 30 days to provide you the affordable luxury of a long-lasting bar. A combination of oils is blended into each formula for their healing properties and delightful fragrance. The lather is dense and penetrative. These soaps are gentle and recommended for the most sensitive skin.


Come and check out our Annual “Herb Days in May Festival & Artisan Affair”, Memorial Day weekend, featuring over 20 eclectic vendors, and Open House, free gift with each purchase, the 2nd weekend in December.


Evening Shade Farms – Natural & Organic/Vegan Body Care Products

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Cindy Bousman-Parker

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