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Crystal Pathways LLC

About Us

About Our Art

Diana Boston and Priscilla Nokes

We have always had a mutual love of mosaics. In the beginning of the creation of our artwork an almost unlimited variety of non-related objects are brought together. The objects we use are selected for all different reasons; reflectance of light, color and texture.  It is these qualities that become so apparent in mosaic works that are not transparent to light.

We feel as one with the end result because we have created personal order out of the chaos.

As collaborative artists we combine our personal aesthetics, realism vs. abstraction, into a shared vision.  Several decisions need to be made before the creation; how the artwork is going to be displayed, substrate to be used, whether indoor or outdoor and what materials are appropriate. Our mosaics are constructed on a variety of renewable resource substrates, wood, glass and polycarbonates.  We use art glass, smalti, stone and many other unique found objects.  All art glass is hand-cut and hand-sculpted.

The beauty involved in creating our one of a kind artwork is seeing the transformation right before our eyes. We are never quite sure how the end product will differ from the beginning, but we have yet to find disappointment in what we have created.

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Crystal Pathways LLC

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Hand cut glass and mosaics

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