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There is a reward which comes from making an object with your hands. The reward is in the making itself, as well as in the finished object. I believe that we are made in the image of God, and part of what that means is we are “hard wired” to be creative. After years of practicing medicine, I’ve found that making wooden objects is a way to express the urge to create. I’ve enjoyed making decorative Nordic boxes, jewelry boxes, lidded vessels and furniture. Somewhat to my surprise, other people have appreciated the things I’ve made.

I like it that some of my construction methods have been used for thousands of years, that some of the wood I use has been rescued from burning, and that a beauty is built into the wood which only needs to be revealed. Doing this involves chisels, saws, planes and a variety of tools that channel the urge to create. When all as gone well, I create an object that brings a smile to the face of the person holding it, just as it did to mine.

Small chests, wooden bowls, and pens are enduring interests, but new interests pop up. My work is currently being sold in the Orval Reeves Gallery in Rolla, Missouri. I hope you see something you like, and I hope you have found a way to create something with your hands. Perhaps nothing you crete will be perfect; my work falls a bit short of metaphysical perfection, but that does not block the joy of creating. After all, “…a man’s reach should exceed his grasp or what’s a heaven for?”

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