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Debi Pickler

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Debi Studios, LLC

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Graphic design, children's illustrations for books, fine art, general illustration, licensing character art

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Awards and Honors

– Won the SCBWI Mentorship for Illustrators Program and studied under illustrator Phyillis Harris for one year

– Second place in the SCBWI Conference Illustrator Show with “Let it Snow” pen and ink stippling

– Second place in the St. Peter’s, Missouri Cultural Art Show with pen and ink stipplings
– Air brush demonstration at the St. Peter’s, Missouri Cultural Art Center
– Taught a two-month watercolor class in St. Peter’s, Missouri

– Second place in the SCBWI Conference Illustrator Show with “Linkee the Caterpillar from the Ifits®”
– Won the SCBWI Mentorship for Illustrators Program and studied under illustrator Richard Bernal for one year.
– Exhibited artwork at the High Plains Gallery, located in High Plains, Missouri.

– First place in the SCBWI Conference Illustrator Show with “Kokee® the Cheetah from the Ifits®”
– Guest speaker at the SCBWI Conference, discussing licensing procedures for artists.

– Won the Portfolio competition at the SCBWI Fall Conference.
– Guest speaker at the SCBWI Fall Conference discussing Photoshop techniques and its application to the industry

– Air brush demonstration at Lafayette High School Art Show in Wildwood, Missouri. Sponsored by
The Best of Missouri Hands (BOMH).

– Won the SCBWI Mentorship for Illustrators Program and studied under illustrator Todd Smith for one year

– Honorable mention for the Race Judicata t-shirt design contest, Thompson Coburn LLP

– Airbrush demonstration at the Women’s Athletic Club which hosted Thompson Coburn’s Celebrating The Arts. This event was to acknowledge the leading business Women of Chicago. Once finished, the painting was auctioned off to one of the guests.
– Won third place in the Race Judicata t-shirt design contest, Thompson Coburn, LLP

– Submitted a sketchbook in the The ArtHouse Co-op 2011 Sketchbook Project. This project had over 25,000
participants worldwide. The tour of the sketchbooks started in March and traveled to 11 different cities nationwide.

– Honorable mention for the Race Judicata t-shirt design contest, Thompson Coburn LLP

– The print material I created for Thompson Coburn’s campaign called “Get To Know” won first place in the Legal
Marketing Association’s (LMA) Your Honor Wards in the Practice Development category.
Ann Metzger Memorial National All Media Exhibition, Viola Longmire Memorial Award, St. Louis Artist Guild

– Guest Speaker at the University of Missouri’s lecture series titled, “Got this art degree, now what?”
Black and White Art Expo, Infinity Online artshow, finalist
– Spring Online Competition, American Women Artists, finalist
You Be the Judge online art competition, finalist
Portraits Online Art Exhibition, Linus Galleries, finalist
Art Kudos International Art show, finalist
Creative Quarterly 33 exhibiting artist
– My Best Artwork, Collaboration of Artists finalist
– 85th Grand National Exhibition online art show, Exhibiting Artist

The Senses finalist, Linus Art Gallery
All Women Competition, Light, Space, Time Gallery, 7th place overall catagory
Art Comes Alive, Exhibiting artist
Creative Quarterly 36, exhibiting artist
3 x 3, The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration, Honorable Mention Exhibiting Illustrator
Art Kudos International Juried Art Competition and Exhibition, finalist
North Light Books 2014 drawing competition Strokes of Genius 7: Depth, Dimension + Space, winning artist
– St. Peters Cultural Art Center Anything Goes Artshow, third place over all category

Master Volume 11 Juried Art Publication, winner
Color of Humanity Art Gallery, Human Nature, Best of Show Winner
Art Competiton.net Faces of Humanity artshow, Honorable Mention








































































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About Our Art

Debi Pickier’s life as an artist began when she was five years old. She loved to draw, paint and work with clay as a young girl, and after creating a small collection of artwork in various media, she decided to exhibit her work in an art show in the backyard of her family’s home in New Jersey. Her father worked with Debi to make a sign announcing her show. Debi hung her works of art on the backyard fence and the two of them placed the sign next to the street in front of their home. Debi’s joy, however, quickly turned to tears as the skies opened and a sudden summer rain storm brought a downpour that ruined her precious works. Debi’s father saved the day, by buying the entire collection for two dollars. Her father got a budding artist’s first collection, while Debi gained a sense that her art was truly special and valuable.

Through her childhood and teenage years, Debi continued to develop as an artist, working in different media and steadily becoming more proficient. After earning a degree in fine art from Kansas University, Debi ventured into the world of commercial art. Now, after more than 20 years as a graphic designer, Debi has worked for a major university doing medical illustration, several consumer products companies creating catalogs, print pieces, dimensional exhibits, trade show booths, packaging and much more. And while Debi’s clients are awed by her creative work, they also greatly value her knowledge of branding, marketing and communications. Completing the picture is Debi’s extremely cooperative nature and ability to effectively communicate with clients. Her graphic design work has won a Legal Marketing Association Award and recognition in a number of design competitions. Still devoted to her fine art, Debi is a member of the St. Louis Artist Guild and the St. Louis Watercolor Society and has exhibited her work in a number of shows including the Ann Metzer Memorial National All Media Exhibition.

Today, Debi has evolved into the type of artist who is becoming increasingly rare: A highly experienced and truly accomplished and extremely versatile fine artist, Debi can walk into a corporate setting, assess the communications, marketing or advertising needs of any situation, and produce high-quality, effective and “on-target” materials. But while Debi loves “figuring out the puzzles” that come her way every day as a Graphic Designer with a local financial investment company located St. Louis, Debi’s first love is illustration, especially for children’s books. Debi has an affinity for children, and has for years worked to see the world through the eyes of children. “The only way to cultivate that ‘magic’ that you have to have in a children’s book is to remember how the world looks to a child. You can’t let that go just because you’ve ‘grown up,’” Debi says. A big part of Debi’s ability to see the world as children do is her vivid memories of her own childhood, one that was greatly influenced by her family. Her ability to see the world through the eyes of a child shows through in her illustrations in children’s books, where she can not only see the magic in the world, but she can create her own magical world.

And while the path Debi has taken to that magical world has taken many twists and turns throughout her life as an artist, she still looks back to where that path began, at a backyard art show in New Jersey, where a dad and his little girl turned a rainout into a life.


About Our Business

My goal is to give every client – regardless of where she or he falls on my mile-wide client spectrum – finished products that are right on target … products that not only support their communications efforts, but communicate on their own.

I want every client to see me as reasonable, easy to communicate with and very talented. You may need an annual report designed for a “give me the bottom line” audience, or a children’s book illustrated with characters you could never dream of but that roam the minds of every six year-old, or you may have a need for licensed characters and want a brand to fit your product line, or you might just want a special piece of fine art or an ornament that will be a family heirloom. Perhaps you need a unique illustration that does not have that “clip-art” look and feel.
I can do it, I can do it well and I can make the process fun and painless!