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I started studying metalsmithing on my own in 2003 — one of Tim McCreight’s manuals in one hand and a plumber’s torch in the other — and discovered a passion that helped me transition from veteran copywriter to fledgling metal artist.

Today my passion is more focused, and I’m excited by the many possibilities of metal forming, as well as repoussé, chasing and other mysterious methods for transforming metal. It’s gratifying to use my hands and hammers to uncover the shapes that hide in humble, flat pieces of silver. I love feeling like a true sculptor when I can make metal move the way I intend it to. I like to preserve distinctive hammer marks and other “imperfections” in my work instead of sanding or polishing them out; they individualize each piece and identify it forever as something I’ve created with my own hands.

There are so many  things that inspire me… organic shapes, contemporary paintings, Art Nouveau… it’s hard to decide on one theme. For now, I’m giving myself permission to continue to explore, and to create what I want, without worrying so much about my body of work. It will become what it needs to be.

I’ve attended several intensives with Victoria Lansford, Betty Helen Longhi and Angela Bubash, and hope to attend more as time allows. Previous to my life as a metalsmith, I worked as a creative director and copywriter.

I’m happy to be a Best of Missouri Hands juried artist; it’s an excellent group of talented people.

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Denise Temofeew

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I am a metalsmith and jewelry artist, exploring metal forming and repoussé.

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