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Turning wire mesh into art was the last thing on my mind when I began the task of rescreening my Grandmother’s old screen door in 1989. The project took a turn later when the leftover mesh begged to be transformed into a glorious new life. I loved the transparency, the feel, the look, and most of all the uniqueness of my newly found medium. The pieces became even more enticing as I began to paint them different colors, using my old Kirby vacuum in reverse. Wire mesh angels became one of my designs that graduated into a national market. My workshop was soon dubbed, “The Angel Factory” as each year added more angel designs.

With steel wire in my workshop as one of the components to attach mesh pieces, it was soon evident to me that it could be its own art form. Vine wire was the new name I attached to the twisted, sometimes tangled mess I called art. Eventually vine wire became coils that I bent to create trees, bowls, balls ….. the potential never ends. Perhaps that is the defining term for art: the potential that never ends.

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