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Donna McFarland, a fiber artist, did not intentionally choose the career. She drifted in that direction throughout her life. Fiber has been a common thread beginning with sewing and embellishing her own clothes in high school due to necessity brought on by lack of money available to purchase the type of wardrobe a high school girl wanted. She quickly realized her ability to create unique fiber art in her clothing.

Donna worked her way through college with an emphasis in textiles and interior design but soon realized she would not be able to support herself and children with the limited positions available in Missouri. She changed her degree to Marketing and Sales and graduated with a Masters’ Degree in Marketing. After working in the corporate world and managing a national sales team in the telecommunications industry she was able to take advantage of an early retirement offer and concentrate on her love of fiber art.

She is a native Missourian and lives in a rural Missouri town with her husband, Gary, and their two dogs. Donna and Gary each have a studio on their rural property and live the life they have always dreamed. They travel extensively throughout the U.S. and take every opportunity to incorporate the colors and shapes of the country into their work.

Donna’s weaving represents her life experiences and love of colors and designs that come into her life everyday. She weaves wearable art such as shawls, scarves, hats and other articles of clothing. Her work has been exhibited in art shows in the St. Louis Metropolitan area and she is a Master Craftsperson at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri.


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Donna McFarland

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