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The stained glass artist in the Glass Garden studio is Beverly Holden. Beverly’s dream since childhood was to be a fulltime artist. She grew up in the Mojave Desert in California. Her mother encouraged the art interest and made sure she had supplies for her projects. Through her life various media was tried including sketching with pencil and charcoal, painting with oils and water colors, beading, crocheting, knitting, origami, and quilting with original designs. In 1991 Walmart had a national quilt contest with the theme of America The Beautiful. There were 20 blocks used to make the quilt and Bev had one placed in the quilt which was donated to the Smithsonian Institute. The final decision on which media to pursue was made when it was decided to repair the stained glass in a family residence. Color has always been the driving force in her art interest. Matching colors and combining colors to make designs was fascinating. She was overwhelmed by the brilliance and variety of colors available in stained glass. That was twenty years ago. There were projects and self taught experience until twelve years ago when classes were taken and more time was devoted to stained glass. The studio was built ten years ago and stained glass has continued full time. The stained glass products are possible because of Bev’s imagination. All designs are original patterns unless a customer requests a certain design.

The other half of the Glass Garden team is AI Holden. Bev is a pure artist and certain things are not interesting and do not fit her personality. As a result computer functions, paperwork, and promoting the products are his duties. He also sets up the processes such as kiln programs, the etching process which includes reproducing photographs on glass. His duties also include the repairing of stained glass which sometimes calls for on site in a vertical position.

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