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I have been interested in photography for most of my adult life.  In 1978 I) bought my first “real” camera, a Canon 35MM, upon the birth of my first child.  Many photos were taken, relegated to the photo album, and occasionally looked at. As I  began to travel more within the U.S., photos were taken, with a few finding their way to be displayed on the walls at home.  Eventually, I  began my first commercial exhibit at Zuzak Wonder Store and Art Gallery in Boonville, and I now also exhibit at Boonville Tourism Office, Cooper’s Oak Winery in Boonville,  Kunstlerhaus Pottery and Art Gallery in Hermann, as well as the occasional special showing. I also have  a web site –

My primary subject matter is anything outdoors, reflecting my enjoyment of being outside.  Landscapes dominate, though animals, buildings, objects, flora are common.  I attempt to convey in a photo the feeling that strikes me  when the subject matter is first observed, many times an almost instinctive reaction without much thought given to the technical aspects of the photo.  Editing is then completed to attempt to recreate that feeling.

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