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Hubert Parnell

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Parnell Studios

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Altered Stoneware & Porcelain Pottery

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About Our Art


Eventually all our marks wash out to sea, but oh what fun we had in making them!”


Hue has been creating altered clay forms for the past four decades. His work is heavily influenced by several sources.


First, during the 1970s, Hue had the opportunity to work with a Korean whose family had been making functional village pottery for over 150 years. Such simplicity is reflected in many of the forms and glazes that are derived from local materials found in Missouri.


A second influence is the playful act of flying kites in heavy winds and at long distances. Hue’s altered raku pieces echo the tactile and visual movement of clouds and winds as kites dart, dip and sail through storm-laden skies.


Another lifelong inspiration is Hue’s fascination with the ocean and especially with the euphotic zone, the point in the ocean at which light intensity falls to just one percent of its value at the surface.  The constant flow and subtle shifts of undersea currents and the movements of marine life in the hidden realm beneath the surface inspire the marks and altered shapes unique to Hue’s art.


Hue earned a BFA in Ceramics from Missouri State University. He is a juried member of the Best of Missouri Hands and is a member of Springfield Regional Arts Council and the Visual Artist Alliance of Springfield.  His studio is open to the public and he invites those who want to visit and exchange ideas. Hue offers small classes and private instruction in the processes of throwing and glazing stoneware and porcelain.

Hue’s works may be found at various galleries, juried exhibits and art and craft shows.