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Biography & Philosophy :
James C. (Jim) Heck was born and raised in Wyoming. His vision, view, and outlook derive from growing up in the sometimes harsh environments of the mountains and plateaus that make up the sparsely populated western state. The wind and the weather dictate early and often that living here will be a compromise with nature and those unwilling or unable to accept this fact seldom stay long enough to benefit from the awesome opportunity afforded to those who persevere. Heck’s life and work in these conditions for over twenty years has resulted in his ability to use his art and sculpture to express himself in ideals and sentiments steeped in western commitment to truth and carved in rugged, natural materials.

His mother, an artist, always encouraged Heck to be creative. He found drawing and painting to be less satisfactory than rendering an object in three-dimension. Heavy concentration on design in college eventually gave way to a major study of studio arts and development in sculpture, jewelry, ceramics, and glassblowing.

Heck’s philosophy of art includes a belief that each artist is influenced by his environment, and his production is an imperfect report of his experience. That work will be influenced by the artist’s persona…some conservative, others liberal, some base, some beautiful. Some will render direct representation while others lean towards an impressionistic presentation, but all will reflect some aspect of their own life experience and understanding of the culture in which they live.

The bulk of Heck’s portfolio consists of his Dichotomy Series, Warrior Series, and Sculptural Forms Series. The Dichotomy and Warrior Series depict a struggle between ideals while the Forms Series reveal the inner beauty of the chosen material (organic forms in wood, stone, and concretions).

Heck has recently re-tooled for the purpose of turning stone on a lathe rather than carving and shaping to arrive at the finished piece. The resulting vessels, bowls, and forms are very primitive in appearance, functional in form, and pleasant to sight and touch. The fossil, organic, and geologic inclusion adds visual interest and beauty. Employing stone quarried from local sites, adds provenance for the collector.

Artist Statement

Art for me is the imperfect representation of life and nature as experienced by the artist. Whether depicting good or evil, truth or fiction, beauty or whimsy, it is my intention to soften the edges of my presentation so as to encourage the observer to engage emotionally through sight and touch.


Flowing from an unseen source through an imperfect instrument, ART is but a reflection of who we are.


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James Heck

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Sculpting in stone, wood and other media

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