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Janice Coffman

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Jan L Coffman Design

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About Our Art

“It is in the digital world that Jan Coffman’s creative gifts and foresight have come together. A comfortable chair, computer software and stylus pen allow the warm, sensitive soul of a painter, steady hand of a sketch-maker and keen eye of a photographer to converge. Starting with photographs, Coffman brings obscured details to light in some and makes the origins of others unrecognizable, imparting a hand-drawn or painted quality; the outcome is innovative and no less inspired than a print made by applying damp brush strokes to physical paper.”

Columbia Tribune, Columbia, Missouri


I love to walk in nature settings. That is where I find my paintings and photographs. I call my paintings contemporary realism as I paint my digital photographs with my digital bushes and sketching tools. As I paint, I relive the feelings I had at the time I was taking the picture.


My training has been in technology design and education (Master of Education, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO). As a technology trainer and web designer, I developed my digital skills of sketching and watercolors in my web design work. In retirement, I am now able to devote more time to photography and my passion of digital painting.

Janice Coffman
Juried Member