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Hello, my name is Jeff Reynolds and I live in Marshall, MO and work a full time job. I am a hand weaver. I spent seven years studying with a pair of weavers that had mastered the art of hand weaving. One’s specialty was reproducing the tartan fabric and other variations on twills and the other specialized in overshot especially the hand woven coverlet. I learned the best from both teachers and am now teaching and weaving these beautiful fabrics.

I have won several awards from competitions and from the Missouri State Fair. The highest of honors are a best of show from the sheep festival at Bethel, MO and the golden award from the Missouri State Fair.

My passion is the reproduction of the hand woven coverlet in which I take great pride producing from our ancestors’ patterns. Other woven products include: neck scarves, place mats, table runners, shawls, table cloths and specialty guest towels. Each hand woven item has been made with quality craftsmanship and materials including linen, wool, cotton, alpaca and some synthetic. I hope 100 years from now that some of the pieces I have woven are still around to be admired and passed down as heirlooms.

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Jeffery Reynolds

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