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Judith McLaughlin

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Bright Morning Studio

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Inspired by color, I make lampworked , fused glass, & enameled silver jewelry.

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About Our Art

In my view, the relationship between the individual and jewelry is such that they are transformed into a unified piece of art, just as the natural environment and the individual in it are completely interrelated. The process of creating pleasing organic forms and textures from metal and enamel enables me to express through art my incredible love of nature. These works come from a series entitled Voyages in America, inspired by the natural beauty of mountains, oceans, and deserts. The whorls of vines, curves of leaves and stems, and colors of mountain landscapes and sunsets capture my imagination.

Bright Morning Studio
Judith McLaughlin
6340 Clayton Rd, Apt 306
St Louis, MO 63117

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Judith McLaughlin
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