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For the past 15 years, I have owned and operated the Yarn Farm in Franklin County, Missouri. I have worked on producing sheep and llamas with most the most desirable fleece for processing into yarn, dying, spinning and weaving to produce clothing and other handmade items.

I work continuously on my fiber art perfecting it through constant practice, fiber retreats and conference. During one of the retreats, I took a class on spinning flax. The class inspired me to study flax history and processing. I found through research that Flax was used during biblical times for burial wraps this encouraged my studies even more. My husband reproduced the old flax tools and helped me to plant the flax seed.

There are many steps in processing flax into linen. My first item was a prayer robe that took more than a year to finish. Many more linen items have been made and a booklet written by me titled Flax Plant into Linen. The booklet was written as a guide for others to use in processing flax.

The linen items designed by me are on display at art galleries and shows. A line of my linen and woolen artwork is available on my internet site

I am a master craftsman for Silver Dollar City during the months of September and October where I demonstrate wool and linen processing. I am a member of the St. Louis Weavers Guild, St. Louis Knitters Guild, The Alton Fiber Guild, Best of Missouri Hands, Mt Hope Crafters, The Rural Missouri Spinners, Missouri Fiber Artist, Missouri Art Council, Natural Colored Wool Association and Franklin County Fiber Guild, which I formed in January 2000.

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