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Lori Radford is a graduate of Missouri State University. She  lives in Southwest Missouri.  Her interest in photography began while working as a part time photographer for student publications at SMSU. She has pursued many areas of art and photography over the years, including teaching art in the public school system and mural painting, before concentrating primarily on photographyand the transfer process. Her particular interest, which combines her background in painting with her love for photography, is working with hand coloring black and white prints and incorporating her images into mixed media work.

The motivation for her award winning images derives from simple subject matter you might find in your backyard to more complex subjects seen in travels across the U.S. and Mexico.

She photographs images that capture her attention with an interesting combination of color, lines, angles and shapes. The majority of her images are based on natural lighting.

“Art and photography are the only things I’ve remained passionate about since childhood. The idea of capturing and preserving that split second or two in time when everything happens just right and makes an incredible image is so exciting to me! I never know for sure if the elements I thought I was seeing when I looked through the lense will come through in the finished print. When I look at the final image and it makes me feel what I did when I photographed the image or even better, then I know I can touch others with that image. That’s exciting!”

Lori has taught art classes for Drury’s Summerscape program and continues to teach in the Springfield Community.

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Lori Radford

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Expressive photography-color, black & white, hand-tinted, mixed media

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