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Jewelry — Sculpture — Metal

Marian’s current work is inspired and created from objects that already have a pattern and a history; silver serving trays. These trays were often received as wedding gifts and then treasured within the family. For todays generation, however, they have lost their value and are often discarded. Marian collects-these discarded trays from auctions and flea markets and transforms them into sculptures, baskets, and jewelry thereby giving them new life and meaning to a new generation.

Marian McKinney graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of Memphis and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Memphis College of Arts. She has had work commissioned by people from across the country, including actor Morgan Freeman and musician Boz Scaggs, and has exhibited her work nationally. Marian currently lives and works out of her studio in Bucyrus, Missouri. She is also involved in Local activities such as revitalizing downtown Houston. Marian also contributes to her local community by teaching workshops out of her studio.


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