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Martha Hartle

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Soul Reflections Stained Glass Mosaics

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Stained Glass Mosaics

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About Our Art


Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

This quote by Pablo Picasso inspires and moves Marti Hartle when she creates her stained glass mosaics for the studio, Mozaic Art Studio a Collage of Artists.
In the fall of 2001, a simple sun-catcher souvenir bought on a vacation to Colorado inspired Hartle to partner with her friend Leslie Compass and learn to create stained glass mosaics. They work together as Soul Reflections Stained Glass Mosaics.
Drawing inspiration from meaningful day to day life occurrences, Hartle creates pieces from the heart. Using found objects to create everything from drink coasters to life size wall art, Hartle uses pieces of stained glass, recycled wood and sometimes metal and beads to embellish her designs.
Over the last 10 years, Hartle and Compass have traveled all over the state of Missouri selling and displaying their pieces at different art shows and wineries. On a visit to a local art gallery in her hometown of Cape Girardeau, Mo, Hartle and Compass realized that they needed a space to call their own. So in September of 2010, Mozaic Art Studio a Collage of Artists opened in historic downtown Cape Girardeau and hundreds walked through the grand opening celebration. The studio is an inviting place where local artisans can proudly display their creations and make them more readily available for purchase. The collage of both experienced and novice artists work together and educate the community on the importance of the arts and buying local.
In addition to the Mozaic Art Studio, Hartle is a member of the Cat Ranch Art Guild, the Cadmium River Group, the Around Town Group, and the Best of Missouri Hands. When she is not busy creating in her studio, Hartle enjoys spending time with her new husband and helping him with his own projects, and spending time with her two grandchildren. Hartle resides in Cape Girardeau.