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Melodie Moshure

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My work can be seen at Stone Soup Galleries in Chesterfield Mall, Missouri

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Metalsmithing and enameling jewelry in copper, brass, silver and gold

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I come from a family of artists and grew up exposed daily to fine art. After years of dabbling in art classes and not being particularly passionate about any of it, I took classes at a local college in metalsmithing and jewelry design.

After getting over my fear of lighting the acetylene torch, I discovered a fascination of fire and metal. I found I could either make a unique and lasting piece of wearable art, or melt it down into a formless glob if I became annoyed with the out come. I rather like that choice.

Thankfully, my family never gave up on me to use my talents. My family surprised me with a kiln. My father gave me many wonderful tools from his shop. My sister, Vicki, taught me the importance of keeping art journals. My sister-in-law, Kathryn, taught me to use the drop spindle to spin wool for unusual necklaces. My husband and son, Tim, built me a wonderful workbench. In fact, I now have in my studio more tools than my husband.

All my pieces are individually made. I use techniques I have learned from my instructors, other artist friends, and of course, family. I also like to explore techniques of my own, from drawing to finished piece.

Melodie Moshure 
1530 Birnamwood
Ballwin, MO 63021

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Melodie Moshure
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