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Melanie Hancock

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Studio 4 Glassworks

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Fused glass with an emphasis on combining glasses to create interesting light & color effects. Glass is fused, molded, & cold worked as needed to produce a polished final product.

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Awards and Honors

Juried Member of Best Of Missouri Hands

Juried Member of Greater Saint Louis Art Association

Resident Artist- Missouri Artists On Main

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About Our Art

Artist Statement

After years of frustration stemming from not being able to channel my creative voice I finally found fused glass which allows me to bring the artistic visions in my thoughts to life in a tangible form. It is very rewarding to be able to successfully take an idea from concept to completion. I’m fascinated with putting different pieces of glass together and fusing them to create a new, one of a kind piece of glass that I designed. I enjoy researching new techniques, pushing boundaries, and experimenting with “what if’s”. I am particularly attracted to pieces that highlight the way transparent and opaque glass can be used to manipulate light to form intriguing color shadows and reflections. I strive to create pieces that are “functional art” with the emphasis on ART. I am very conscientious about the finishes on my pieces and pride myself on taking extra steps necessary to elevate them beyond what many consider “finished”. I look forward to expanding my craft further by continuing to learn and discover new ways of bringing glass design to life.

About Our Business

Studio 4 Glassworks was started by my mother, Kitty Mollman (BOMH, GSLAA) in 2001. After a successful career as a ceramicist she fell in love with fused glass and changed her path. For many years I helped her pack up, set up, and man her booth at some of the regions best art fairs. In 2013, after the death of her husband (my father), I turned his former oversize garage/model train room/workshop in the basement into a fully equipped glass studio and teaching space.

I joined her in the studio in 2016 during a bout with Breast Cancer that left me with too much time on my hands. Making glass proved to come naturally to me and was an immensely useful therapy during a rough time. I had watched Kitty for years and ,although I had never even cut a piece of glass, I had absorbed enough to have a flying head start. I enjoy challenging myself with new techniques and pushing the boundaries of my previous works. I feel so fortunate to live in a time when so much information and knowledge can be found on the internet for those tenacious enough to dig for it! I have made some very valuable friends and mentors online that have influenced and guided me as I strive  to expand my craft.

More than anything I must say that I am blessed to be able to spend time creating with my mother and best friend. I thank her for her guidance and support along my journey!


Melanie Hancock
Juried Member