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Juried Artist/Studio:

Chester Lux

Business Name:

Mopletoplehead Art

Short Description:

Aluminum Artist

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About Our Art

  In a world where our resources need to be valued, one way this artiest has done such things is with melting down aluminum and turning it in to something out side of that cycle in to art that will last generations … and beyond…  Chester L. Lux  AKA (Trever Mopletoplehead) has evolved from meany different mediums , such as clay , wood , and even leather work… and found the rewards working with aluminum to be diverse as well as challenging… to see one of his peaces in person will set a new slandered of the word recycled . 

About Our Business

There are meany things that are important in the world.  Most of those things we think are, get washed away in our last five minuets … who we are with in those last moments can determine how we should had spent our time,  so when I think about what is important… it is how we spend our time . Do what you love with the ones you love , and if i can help you honer them… it would be my pleasure.

Chester Lux
Juried Member