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Nancy Clark

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Nancy Clark Handweaver

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I create handwoven accessories for you, for your home

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The Artist 

My first weaving studio was an outdoor patio adjoining our country home on the Greek island of Paros in 1971. There, in view of the turquoise Aegean Sea, nestled among lemon and olive groves, drenched with sunlight from a cloudless, brilliant open sky, I taught myself tapestry techniques on a primitive hand-built loom, tension provided by a large marble boulder attached at the bottom with rope. When my husband and I returned to our native Missouri, I continued weaving tapestries for two more years, but then I took a beginning weaving class using a small four-harness table loom. My tapestry weaving days were over.

I have continued to weave fabrics on a wide variety of floor and table looms, producing highly textured and colorful accessories such as scarves, shawls, and simple, elegant garments I call hugs and cozies. My weaving hobby transitioned into a full-time business in 1993. Currently I participate in national juried art shows, selling to the public and to a number of shops and galleries from coast to coast, and I am involved in a wide variety of fiber-related guilds and organizations.

The intense intimacy of weaving fascinates me. Each thread passes through my fingers several times in the completion of a finished piece, endearing it to me. The weaving process, in which I respond to the unique voice of individual threads, is rewarding and peaceful. I weave what I love, I sell what I can, and then I weave some more.

– Nancy Clark, Handweaver


Nancy Clark
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