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Noel Leicht

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noliware studio

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Metal artist /contemporary studio jewelry

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About Our Art

NOEL LEICHT has been working in metals since 1991 when she began studying with Joe Muench at Craft Alliance and taking workshops at Arrowmont School for Arts & Crafts with John Cogswell. Experiencing burnout, at the age of 52 she ended her public relations practice and opened NOLIWARE STUDIO to work full time focusing on metals and contemporary jewelry with narrative themes. 


 “My pieces are small sculptural, one-of-a-kind statements that tell stories. The imagery I weave into my jewelry notes memorable places, opinions, events, issues, and stories. Thoughtful design is paramount in my work: commissions, small sculpture and jewelry fabricated in sterling silver, gold and mixed metals. I also enjoy replicating children’s art creations in metal.”


Noël has taught metalsmithing at Craft Alliance and in her South St. Louis studio. She has been active in the St. Louis art community as a Board member at Craft Alliance; Juror Selection Chair for the Art Section of the St. Louis Artists’ Guild; member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths, the American Craft Council, Society for Midwest Metalsmiths, Best of Missouri Hands, Art St. Louis; and serves Arrowmont School for Arts and Crafts as an Ambassador. As a writer, Noël has reviewed craft and metalsmithing exhibitions for national publications.Besides her studio work, Noli, as she is known to friends, has worked larger in welded steel, paints and dabbles in book making.


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noliware studio  314-304-7591


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Noel Leicht
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