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Paddy Wrob

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Paddy Wrob Studio

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Handcrafted tiles for commercial and residential installations plus handcrafted mosaic garden sculptures

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From my initial experiences in clay, I have been dedicated to the world of tile. Paddy Wrob - CeramicsThrough the handcrafted process of tile making and decorating, I offer a custom service focusing on the creative use of ceramic tile.

By combining the creativity of my mind, the work of my hands and the individuality of my spirit, I seek to create designs for the client that will fit comfortably in their environment for years to come.

Utilizing qualities inherent in the handmade ceramic process, I produce commercial and residential installations for walls, countertops, tabletops, fireplaces, indoor and outdoor gardens, and any other surface which deserves to be visually enriched.

Paddy Wrob
4 Redbud Dr.
Pacific, MO 63069
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Paddy Wrob
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