Are Your Dues Due?

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Are you one of the many BOMH Members whose membership renewal date comes in December or January?  If so AND if you've elected to NOT use the PayPal auto renewal feature,  you'll want to get those dues paid.

Check your membership status on your BOMH Website account page.  It shows you the date your membership expires.  You can just click the link that says "Renew Membership" and it will tell you if you are on auto renew. If so, expect PayPal to charge you for your dues on your renewal date and send you a confirmation email. (NOTE: If PayPal finds a problem trying to renew you, it will send you a message.  This is your notice that you need to check your PayPal account to be sure your payment method and credit card expiration date are still current.  PayPal will give you a couple of days to remedy the problem and try again.)

If you are not on auto renew, you can proceed to PayPal directly from your BOMH account page to pay your dues. 

While you are in your Member Account, please take this opportunity click on "Edit Account" to check all your contact information to make sure we have up-to-date information for you. You can also now add your business facebook page link and your instagram address to your account information.  If you need help populating your member page, we now have some videos you can watch.  From your member account page, select "Instructional Videos" on the left sidebar.

BOMH dues haven't risen in years - you still get all the benefits of BOMH General Membership for just $40 for 12 months, Juried Membership is still only $60; Juried Studio Membership remains $85.

As always, if you need more information, please drop me an email at or via the contact page on the website.

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