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The wonderful privilege of working with clay has been mine for the past few years. This journey had its beginnings as “summer therapy” for me, as a respite from the rigors of teaching and working with young, primary-aged children. It was my time to “play”, to be free, creative, and irresponsible, just as the children who were before me daily.

Now, as the summers have progressed, it has been so interesting to observe my evolution: how playing with the clay has grown into “praying” with the clay. Because clay is of the earth, it is developing within me an awareness of the sacredness and beauty of Mother Earth. It is forming a sense of fellowship and stewardship that we share with all life. The clay has become my voice to sing praise for the marvels of Creation.

I have given my works the name Mary’s Gift in honor and memory of my deceased sister, Mary Mohrmann. It is because of her that I have been led to be with and influenced by eco-spiritualists, those who reverence and proclaim the sacredness of all life.

Having touched children’s lives for 33 years in the art of teaching, I now hope to touch yours through Mary’s Gift.

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Rita Seif

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Hand Built Pottery

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