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Roy Muenks

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heARTheART studios

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I make decorative vases and wall hangings using Raku or high-firing methods. The inspiration for my art comes from the continued influence it has on my view of human life. I strive to make forms which could resemble something you might see in an ancient pottery museum combined with the vibrant colors of Raku glazes and modern firing techniques. I feel an ancient spiritual connection to the Earth when working with clay. When I center the clay on my pottery wheel, I feel myself center. Gazing into the kiln I’m reminded through fire we are made strong. When vibrant colors emerge on a piece of Raku I see that despite hardship we can be even more beautiful. Quenching the Raku in water is a sign we can realize our full potential when we wash ourselves clean of hardships. Each piece of my art tells a story of human life, and each reminds us of the beauty in that struggle of life.

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Juried member of Best of Missouri Hands since Jan 2018.

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Roy Muenks
Juried Member