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The soft sculptures I create are all about human and animal interaction and the relationships we form with one another. Woven into each piece is a statement that life is enhanced when approached with humor and love of music and song. What we give to one another and those we love can be seen in the smiles and love of life I strive to depict in each sculpture. Each piece is hand needle felted on a wire armature using dyed merino wool. The human figures are created with a combination of merino wool needle felted on the armature and garments that are wet felted. The animals are all needle felted on wire armatures. Found objects adorn many of the groups of happy beings. My hope is that these felted beings bring a smile to the face of the observer, just as they do to mine when I am working on them.

“We’ve Got the Blues,” the blues band showing at the St. Louis International Airport Gallery until April 5, 2015

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Sandy Kolde

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Soft Sculptures, Needle Felted on Wire Armitures Using Dyed Wool and other Found Objects

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