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Serena Boschert

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Serena Boschert

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Hand-painted Ceramic ornaments, vases, decorative handmade clay art

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About Our Art


Serena Boschert specializes in hand-painted ceramic ornaments and decorative pieces. With her work experience, her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, she has worked full-time since 1981. Her art is in private and public collections throughout the U.S. and twelve other countries.

Serena handcasts each “ceramic canvas” from her original-designed, and commercial, molds. Adaptation, carving, painting is done on the raw clay, which then goes through bisque and glaze firings. Metallic lusters, gold, and silver require 3rd firings. Through the creation and execution of her concepts, Serena’s unique style emerged — a combination of soft painting against the hard surface of the glazed and fired clay.

Although creating elegant vases, the majority of the art is ornaments…”and not just for Christmas anymore!”…from small bird nests to jeweled balls with painted scenes and 3-D figures. Many become a sentimental reminder of special events – a wedding, graduation, birthday, a child with a special toy or in uniform!

Custom house portrait ornaments capture the image of your home in a snow scene setting, painted from your photo(s). Larger residences, churches and additions – Santa/sleigh, pets, etc. are added costs.
Pet portrait ornaments, painted from your photo(s), range from the pet’s head surrounded by a wreath to the entire pet(s) in a Christmas setting.

Serena’s custom work is satisfying to her clients; they appreciate the one-of-a-kind ornament that’s unique and personal to them. “Each ornament is a part of me, and it’s a warm feeling to think of hundreds of my ornaments being opened on Christmas Day.”

Serena Boschert
Juried Member