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After retiring from a career as an aerospace engineer, I became interested in woodworking as a hobby and began to accumulate equipment for a shop. Initially, my woodworking was limited to designing and building furniture for our home and children.

After doing this for a few years, I was introduced to the art of making segmented hardwood bowls. Although these take time and considerable patience, there seems to be no limit to what one can create. Segmented construction allows a wide variety of designs in natural wood colors. The hardwood segments are assembled into rings, and the rings are joined in layers. Each is shaped by turning it on a lathe and is finished with four layers of polyurethane varnish and then wax to produce a long-lasting, hard finish.

I am a juried member of the Greater St. Louis Art Association, and a member of the St. Louis Artists Guild, the St. Louis Woodworkers Guild and the Best of Missouri Hands. My web site is

I was awarded third place (Honorable Mention) at the Central West End Art Fair and Taste in 2009.

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Stanley C. Boyle

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