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Stephen Massman

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A Walk in the Woods

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Lathe turned art

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About Our Art

I was first introduced to woodturning in a high school woodworking class.  I rediscovered woodturning in 2006 and haven’t looked back since.  I am largely self-taught—though I am an avid follower of woodturning newsgroups and magazines.  I am a proud member of The American Association of Woodturners and the International Association of Penturners.  I have been lucky enough to attend seminars at a national symposium where I was inspired by some of the great woodturners of our time.

Woodturning is addictive to me largely because I can literally save a log from being turned into wood chips or firewood and give it new life as a unique piece of art. I love to take a raw piece of wood and make something functional or artistic out of it. As I start cutting the wood on the lathe, different kinds of grain patterns and features emerge, and I try to enhance those features in order to make the most beautiful object I can.

I take an environmental approach in my woodturning by using reclaimed wood rather than cutting down trees to make art.  Most of my wood is native to Missouri and is obtained at mulch sites or by word of mouth. Many of the trees have been damaged by disease or weather. Some of my most meaningful pieces start when someone’s favorite tree has been downed by weather or disease. I have the honor of being asked to make something out of the tree. It is a true joy to know that these pieces help trigger fond memories of beloved trees.

Stephen Massman