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Born in Buffalo, New York and educated in the Phoenix, Arizona area, Suzy moved to the beautiful Ozarks in 2002 and has put down roots in the wooded hills of the region.

Currently specializing in highly detailed, finely crafted Santas and other subjects, hand painted with acrylic craft paints on gourds. Suzy is an accomplished artist in many mediums, including oils, watercolor, pencil and charcoal, chalk pastels, colored pencil, pen and ink, and acrylics on gourds and barn wood. Well versed in layout, composition, shading, and perspective, she also has a love of experimenting with color mixing and has studied the psychology of color. Subject matter ranges from landscapes to studies and portraits of animals to fantasy. Art is imaginative and typically emotes a sense of tranquility.

Suzy’s art has evolved from a love of photo realism and vibrant color over the course of the past 50 years. (Hey, she started at 3½.) Her sketches range from complex, detailed line drawings to sensitive, shaded renderings. Her pastel illustrations reflect hues from the vivid to the sublime. She loves detail, and delights in adding little surprises, inviting the viewer to stay awhile and look for nuances, stopping to study the piece and pondering the hints at a story in progress.

Suzy is a member of the American Gourd Society and the Show-Me Gourd Society.  She has participated in the Show-Me Gourd Festival for a number of years, and will have a booth in this years festival in Springfield, at Remingtons.  She has won numerous ribbons at the festival and her art has been featured on the cover of the Gourd Magazine.

Suzy’s Santas –
Suzy Meelhuysen 

236 Hendrik Lane
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Suzy's Santas - Suzy Meelhuysen
Suzy's Santas - Suzy Meelhuysen

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Suzanne Meelhuysen

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Detailed, hand painted gourds using acrylics

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