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Vic Barr

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Matanda Woodworks

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About Our Art


Contemporary artist Vic Barr has been creating things out of wood nearly all his life.  As his own signature style evolved, his reputation for quality and artistic merit spread.  His signed works live from Indonesia and China in the west to Sweden in the east. 


Vic’s passion lies in sharing the wonder hidden beneath the bark of a tree.   He has created original pieces using more than 90 different species of hardwoods from all over the world and exhibits his award-winning creations in local galleries and juried art shows.


Boxes – From small casual boxes to large, sculptural jewelry towers, the act of enclosing spaces for special uses has inspired Vic to create original pieces of tabletop art.  Employing the beautiful North American and exotic woods from across the globe he fashions incredible works of art.


Writing Instruments – What began as holiday gifts for family rapidly became a challenge to create ever-better unique writing instruments from the beautiful woods of the world Vic was already working with.


Patrons’ requests and his obsessive drive for perfection soon created a steady demand for the premium pens and pencils Vic hand-turns and finishes on one of the wood lathes he keeps happily spinning in his shop.


Sculpted Artwork – After many years of displaying only the natural colors and beauty of the woods he works with, Vic has developed a palette of dyes to enhance the mystical figure and grain sometimes not fully expressed under clear finishes.  These purely decorative works range from the playful to the profound.  They represent a new and exciting experience with unbounded potential for creativity paralleling his mastery of the functional art in his repertoire.