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Missouri Artisans Association d.b.a. The Best of Missouri Hands (BOMH) is a state wide non profit organization. We are dedicated to the development and recognition of Missouri’s arts and artisans through education, interaction, and encouragement.

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Peggy King-Glass Artist


Peggy King

In my home studio in Columbia, Missouri, I  create both lampworked (hot) and fused (warm) glass art, calling myself “Snow Flake Glass”  …Get it?…No Two Are Alike! My studio consists of a room full of glass in four different varieties and a multitude of formats.  Each must be kept separate because they don’t play well together. Melt them together in a project and your new work of art will surely end up breaking into pieces – sometimes dramatically. Each of my fused glass plates is created individually. Most sport dichroic color and/or irridized glass.

Many of my designs are of a geometric nature, possibly reflecting my experience with patchwork quilting – or maybe it is just an extension of my analytical mind. My “fishies” kiln-fused underwater scenes are lovingly made piece by piece including lampworked details representing sea plants and other creatures (and yes, I actually do use a tweezers to place pieces of frit sometimes).

I am a two-term past-president of Best of Missouri Hands, a very rewarding and gratifying experience.  Also, I have been honored by the art community by being asked to create the 2012 Missouri Arts Council Awards.  The five  “Universe Plates”, pictured here, were bestowed upon some very worthy people and agencies that have invested themselves in promoting and supporting Missouri’s arts and artisans.

We thank

the Missouri Arts Council and the Regional Arts Comission of St. Louis for their support.



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