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Missouri Artisans Association d.b.a. The Best of Missouri Hands (BOMH) is a state wide non profit (501c3) organization. We are dedicated to the development and recognition of Missouri's arts and artisans through education, interaction, and encouragement.

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Michael Gaines

Michael Gaines




“We believe that the arts make communities better places to live. MACAA programs and services are designed to enhance members' ability to create and sustain programs and services which meet their community's needs.”  – Michael Gaines, MACAA Executive Director (and BOMH Board Member)


MACAA is proud to be a partner with the Missouri Artisans Association/BOMH as both organizations strive to serve Missouri’s communities and artists.

Missouri artists might be interested most in MACAA’s CARD Project.

CARD (Creative Artist Resource Directory) is program focusing on compiling a directory of Missouri artists.  The directory includes visual, performing, and literary artists as individuals and groups, as well as technical expertise such as theatre directors and visual art judges. The directory is available throughout the state to be used as a reference guide for anyone in need of an artist. This project is funded by the Missouri Arts Council.

To join the CARD Project, simply click this link:

In serving communities, MACAA’s programs and services currently include: Experienced community arts expertise just a phone call, E-mail or visit away; Consultations, Site Visits, and Board Retreats; Connection to other statewide resources, including grants; MACAA Mentors; Regional Topic-Specific Workshops; Annual Professional Development Retreat for community arts leaders; Listing, Calendar Access, E-Alerts; Filebox Project – Organizational Development Manual for emerging and established organizations; Collective Voice and Network for Community Arts Agencies; and Advocacy for Rural Communities.

In addition to the programs and services above, MACAA works hand-in-hand with the Missouri Arts Council on projects like Poetry Out Loud (a statewide poetry recitation competition for high school students), is fiscal agent for the Missouri Poet Laureate Program, Missouri Arts Awards, Professional Development Webinars and leads a statewide initiative to fund programs in Missouri communities where public funding for the arts is currently not reaching.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS regarding MACAA’s programs and services contact:

Michael Gaines, Executive Director
(573) 221-4853
[email protected]

Kristi Kittleson, Project Coordinator
(417) 882-3717
[email protected]

We thank

the Missouri Arts Council and the Regional Arts Comission of St. Louis for their support.



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