BOMH GEAR at Cafe Press

Want a Best of Missouri Hands t-shirt?  How about a hat, an apron, a jacket, a sweatshirt?  For that matter, how about a BOMH tote bag or a onesie for your favorite tiny one?  That and much more is available to you via our store at Cafe Press.  We’ve got mugs, water bottles, phone cases, stickers and even dog gear.  All with the BOMH logo. A portion of all sales will help support the programs of The Best of Missouri Hands.

BOMH GEAR!  brings you BOMH logoed apparel, mugs, totes, buttons, housewares and a whole bunch of other neat stuff.  BOMH has teamed up with Café Press to bring you BOMH logoed items that you can purchase directly from Café Press…No Muss….No Fuss.  Order 1 or 100….Mix and Match.  Lots of options from which to choose. Order when you want–when you need to.  Café Press prints your item(s) to order and ships directly to you.  Order directly through Café Press.  Use PayPal or a credit card of your choice.

Visit the BOMH Cafe Press Store at

This program does not replace or affect the Juried Member Banner and Sticker program.  Items BOMH offers through Café Press are generic and can be worn or displayed by ANYONE. Café Press will respond directly with you to any concerns you may have about your order. BOMH does not administer this program, except to the extent that we make the items available to you for purchase.  Returns, etc., are to be handled directly with Café Press.  Please Note: Coupons provided by Café Press on their site and elsewhere are not applicable to products purchased through the BOMH Store.