On Line Professional Development Opportunities

From Kim Carr

Hello BOMH Members,
Attached please find a complete list of YouTube links for the upcoming Zoom Workshops for our members. Most of the workshops are public and available for viewing by anyone who visits our YouTube Channel. A handful are PRIVATE and for our Members Only, per request of the presenter. Please respect their wishes and do not share these links with others without permission from the presenter.
While we are saddened that we were not able to meet in person for our bi-annual ArtSmart conference, we are happy that we were able to put together a series of Zoom workshops which allowed us to stay connected and share information that we hope you found helpful.
We will be continuing our Zoom Workshops as we move forward, focusing on helping our members tweak and fine tune their marketing through social media, websites and of course, your Juried BOMH page. We are also open to suggestions. Please share your ideas and suggestions for topics or matters you would like to see covered in upcoming workshops/round table discussions.
Upcoming Workshops
For more information, look to the Members Only FaceBook Page

Tuesday February 14, 2023 / The In’s and Out’s of Meta Business Suite with Wanda Tyner

Tuesday March 14, 2023 / BOMH Professional Grant Winner Talk with Pat Berkbigler

Tuesday April 11, 2023 / Creative Writing Workshop with Patty Muenks

For a list of all the workshops & YouTube addresses, download this file:


Click the icon to the left to be taken to our YouTube channel.  Or go to https://www.youtube.com



All BOMH workshops are free to our members, including both of Carolyn’s workshops. All workshops will be recorded and available for viewing on the BOMH YouTube channel soon after they occur. The BOMH workshops are public and available for anyone to view. The workshops by Carolyn Edlund are private and password protected for our members only. Notifications and links will be posted here, on the Members Only FB page, and via email newsletter. If you are a member of BOMH and not yet a member of the Members Only FB page, you may request membership here .

If you want to attend one of the ZOOM conferences, you will need to have the ZOOM app installed.  We suggest you use a tablet, laptop, or desktop for these, rather than a phone if possible. You will have a much better experience.  To download and install the FREE ZOOM app, go here .

If you have an idea or would like to lead a workshop….just let us know. You can post it in our FB Members Only Group,  email [email protected] with your ideas.