Visiting Artist Program

Visiting Artist Program

The Program:

The Best of Missouri Visiting Artists Program traditionally has sent juried artists into schools for classroom presentations. When in-person visits aren’t feasible, teachers and artists can arrange for Zoom presentations. When artists visit, they bring samples of their work and talk about their process. When visiting via Zoom, artwork samples and project materials can be brought to the classroom in advance so the teacher can present them while the artist talks. In the presentation, the artist will demonstrate, or offer slideshows. They might bring a project for the students to complete. They talk about how they decided to become an artist, the training involved, what it’s like, and how they sell their work. Presentations are made in art rooms with classes from kindergarten through 12th grade. The length of the talk is usually one art period.

The Benefits:

The goal of this program is to for students to meet and learn about professional artists and their work. This may be a student’s first exposure to actual artwork outside of a museum. Students regularly learn about other careers, and this program introduces them to the lives of working artists. Students view actual work up close and ask questions of the artist, developing a deeper understanding of the artist’s life. Some students will go on to become professional artists themselves, and exposure to professional working artists provides a meaningful way for contemplating creative career choices. It helps deepen an appreciation for art as they become collectors of art in the future.

How to Become a Visiting Artist:

Best of Missouri Hands asks our juried artists to participate in this program, either by finding a school or by answering a request. We hope to reach students all over the state, so we need the help of artists from all regions. Best of Missouri Hands uses money from our Missouri Arts Council grant to provide a $100 stipend to the artist. If the artist supplies materials for a project, the artist will be reimbursed up to an additional $100.

How to Request an Artist Visit for Your School:

Missouri Arts Council provides funds to Best of Missouri Hands to pay a stipend to our artists. There is no charge to the school. We have juried artists in these mediums: Clay, Digital Media, Drawing, Fiber, Glass, Jewelry, Metal, Mixed Media 2D, Mixed Media 3D, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Traditional Crafts, Wood.

Visiting Artists Program Chair Nina Miller
Phone: 618-978-9773