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Andrea Quiroz Jira

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About Our Art

The Jira Jewelry Collection is so beautiful, so classic, yet so original that you’ll be inspired to plan your outfit around your Jira Collection handcrafted jewelry.

Jira pieces are traditional enough to serve as an heirloom passed from generation to generation, remaining elegant and stylish no matter what the latest trend. This carefully crafted collection offers a new way to appreciate the arts, because no one can wear Jira Jewelry without thinking of the inspiration for the piece and awing at its uniqueness.

Jira Collection jewelry artist, Andrea, prides herself in making jewelry that is as original as you or your loved one; pieces that reflect the very essence of her customers’ personalities. While many are happy making a statement with their accessories, those who wear Jira Jewelry make an exclamation.

Andrea Quiroz Jira
Juried Member