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Barbara Van Noy

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Original Art Sculptures

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Barbara VanNoy has been compelled to create things since she was very young. She is very much a “do-it-yourself” type of person, and she strongly believes in developing her skills to a level of professionalism, no matter what medium she is using. “I spent years mastering other media. It wasn’t until I discovered art dolls or figurative art that everything came together. I aim for photo realism in my portrait work. I want the finished art sculpture to look so real that you can almost see it breathe.”

Barbara’s original art figures are individually sculpted in polymer clay, and with each one she strives to create realistic detail. Each art sculpture is a work of quality in craftsmanship. All of her pieces are original and one-of-a-kind. The average height is 23″, with the smallest being just 3″ tall. Her figurative art sculptures are extensively researched and carefully sculpted to capture the subject’s personality. All aspects of the piece, including the initial design, the armatures, the clothing, and the handmade accessories, are created by Barbara herself.

The most impressive part of her work is the attention to the smallest details. Each sculpture is complete with teeth and hand-tied eyelashes. Handmade toys and musical bases complete the sculptures. Her attention to detail is what earned her the honor of being featured in the “2002 Better Homes and Gardens, Santa Claus Collection”, a hardcover coffee table book. Her work, because of its amazing skin texture, has been purchased by museums, galleries, and private collectors across the United States. The Santas she creates are as detailed as the portrait work and are destined to become heirlooms

Barbara tends to sculpt older people. It’s the faces and hands she likes to sculpt, because she says they show the emotions and the wisdom a person acquires over the years. “I want to convey to the viewer a human emotion, one that they themselves can feel when looking at the sculptures.”

One of the aspects that sets her work apart from others is her “skin texturing.” She developed this technique on her very first art doll in 1996. It provides a life-like realism to the skin. She has since taught skin texturing seminars to artists across the United States and Canada. “I want to share the ability to express what you see in your mind’s eye, using polymer clay and pieces of material to make something that can touch someone else’s soul. For me, helping students to create the very best art sculpture they can is the joy of sculpting.”

Barbara Van Noy