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“Art opens my mind to new possibilities”  Carolyn

Mosaic, Murals, Computer Art, Illustration, Drawing, Free-lance, Commercial Art, Basket-weaving, you name it; Carolyn may try it!  This artist has worked in many art forms and mediums partly because of over 31 years of experience teaching high school art.  The beauty of Missouri and images from her extensive travel are constant inspirations.  Her personal emphasis has gradually moved toward painting, pottery, and computer art.  Free-lance commission work fills most of her free time, as well as entering art competitions, exhibitions, and participation in a “Holiday Show” with area BOMH artists.

Our lives are made up of many threads of contact with people, time, and place. Spirituality, string theory, mirror neurons, nature, and the concept of overlapped and interlacing elements are themes the artist has been exploring and may be visible in her artworks.

“My art is evolving and is shaped by the life I lead and the time in which I live.  My history is filled with images of my mother knitting.  She would take one strand of yarn and weave it into an article of incredible beauty. Like my Mother’s knitting, I visualize my life as a meandering thread that overlaps the life threads of others in a design of beautiful complexity.

The 21st century is a time when knowledge is expanding in every direction, and the strands of knowledge interlace with our spiritual life threads.  Add the ribbons connected to history and you can visualize the intricacy and meaning I am expressing in my work.”

Carolyn’s studio is in Ava, Missouri.

Carolyn Coffey Wallace
Route 1, Box 530
Ava, MO 65608
e-mail Carolyn Wallace 

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Carolyn Wallace

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Painter, potter, drawing, computer art, art teacher

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