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  1. Our passion for “nature art” was born during our childhoods spent on an island, on a lake, and in woodlands. With miles of sandy beaches, the waves tossed colorful stones, sea glass and driftwood ashore and the woods offered rich textures in moss, birch bark, twisted vines and gnarly branches. The spectacular colors, shapes and scents of Nature’s offerings sent our imaginations to enchanted places… and still do today.

The journey of the birth of our furniture, sculpture and accents begins with a search for fallen trees with twisted trunks, loose bark and swirling vines. We go beachcombing for driftwood, stones, sea shells and sea glass. Rather than having a specific design in mind… we follow with wanderlust, as Nature’s spirits seemingly whisper and we listen and gather. These treasures are dried and stored until just the right inspirational time. Many of our finds are exquisite in their found state and require little or no transformation. Like pieces in a puzzle, and without a reference to guide us… one by one, these beautiful naturals inspire creativity and evoke harmony as we fashion them together. In blending raw materials with refined ones, a “contemporustic” style emerges.

Each piece of reclaimed wood chosen for Michael’s sculptures holds a sleeping spirit of its own that is locked inside. It is as though his carving awakens it and breathes new life into his creations, as magnificent colors and flowing wood grains gradually appear. Kathleen grinds and sands the pieces, often “aging” them with paints and stains, and subtle embellishments. Over time, in working closely together, we have achieved a single vision during the phases of metamorphosis unto the birth of each collaboration. Each stunning element of land and sea is unique and we hope this phenomenon lives on in all of our artwork.

From beach dwellings to botanical gardens… from cabins to country estates… our art celebrates the wonder and whimsy of man, beast and nature while inviting senses to soar and imaginations to run wild!

Michael and Kathleen Weltzin’s award-winning Contemporustic art ~ rustics with a contemporary twist ~ range in size from tabletop accents to public art towering over 20 ft. They love the challenge of being offered an empty space ~ designing and creating to suggest their completed work has always been a part of its new surroundings. Their sculpture, furniture and accents are one-of-a-kind creations that are fashioned with such unique natural finds… there is no possibility of reproduction. True originals!

Michael and Kathleen’s glass and “open air” studio is a magical, lakeside retreat. Their relaxing haven is filled with fabulous natural finds and conversational pieces abound. They have led workshops in schools, private organizations and at resorts ~ introducing their students to an inspirational and exciting way to look at offerings from land and sea, while discovering the possibilities for “new life’ hidden within these treasures.

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Michael & Kathleen Weltzin

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Furniture/Sculpture/Accents created with nature’s offerings

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