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As a Missouri farm wife and mother-of-two, Cricket Hackmann’s love of photography began with documenting her children’s days…and has expanded to become a means of holding on to a piece of all the beauty that surrounds us. Her goal is to produce vibrant, stunning images of the rural landscapes and close-ups of nature in central Missouri…with occasional other subjects included as they catch her eye. 

As a self-taught photographer, Cricket works daily to learn new ways of honing her skills and improving her art. She uses a DSLR camera as her primary tool to capture an image, and then various software programs, as needed, to transform the image into the desired finished product. As the camera sees with one ‘eye’ and people see with two, subtle post-production computer work is the way Cricket can creatively bring dimension and depth to the image. It also allows her to convey the emotions felt while at the location where the photograph was taken.

One of Cricket’s greatest joys is sharing her images — both in person at art fairs, and online through her website and facebook photography page. Whether face to face or online, she finds no greater artistic pleasure than to see someone ‘connect’ with one of her photographs. She explains, ‘As a life-long student, I know there is always much to learn…but the journey is so satisfying!’

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Cricket Hackman

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